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Jeff Alderson's Xybercode System

The Xybercode System Product Package

  • Collection Of Programs And Scripts - 8 CD's containing all the products that come with the Xybercode System, along with their source code and instruction manuals.

  • Software Reference Guide - spiral-bound book that includes information on using the Xybercode System, how to get started, and a description of each product in the package.

  • Software Development Manual - spiral-bound book reveals everything you need to know about starting, owning, and operating a financially successful software business.

  • Marketing And Webmaster Reports - 12 individually spiral-bound books that cover all the important webmaster and marketing areas that are involved in operating an online business.

The Benefits Of Owning The Xybercode
System Are Virtually Endless...

  • Starting your own software business generally means starting with only one or two products. With the Xybercode System, you've already got an entire inventory of 37 of your own quality products!

  • Having to come up with a steady stream of new and original ideas can be extremely difficult at times. With the Xybercode System, all you have to do is look to your own inventory for new ideas.

  • Viral marketing is one of the best methods of gaining targeted traffic. Simply customize any or all of the Xybercode System products with YOUR business name and information and you've got an "instant" viral marketing machine!

  • Coming up with bonus products to sweeten a deal can be just as challenging as creating the main product. Now you can simply choose bonuses from any number of valuable scripts that came with the Xybercode System!

  • Successful marketers know that even more income can be generated from backend sales. With all the great in-demand products in the Xybercode System, you'll have an almost endless supply of "add on" products to offer your customers.

  • Creating products from scratch can be a time-consuming and expensive process. With all the source code that comes with the Xybercode System, you'll be able to easily and efficiently develop an unlimited number of enhanced and expanded products.

  • Establishing a solid business reputation takes time and energy. With everything included in the Xybercode System, you'll have a tremendous jump start on gaining customer trust and confidence!

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